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Cycle Enfield has created an incident reporting page for accidents and incidents that arise from the A105 and other cycle lane schemes being constructed in the borough



There have been a large number of accidents and incidents involving pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists, many of which are going unrecorded.

It is imprtant that they are passed on to Enfield Council and also Transport for London who are responsible for London's roads; and to the Mayor of London. 

Here are just a few of the accidents and incidents which have occured since the new cycle lanes opened.

Feel free to email details of any incidents that you are aware of that might serve as a warning to fellow residents. 

Christine R (17/9/17)writes: 

"I am writing to express my disgust at the travesty called cycle lanes in Green Lanes Winchmore Hill. During months of disruption and hold ups I had two tyres on my car ruined from concrete obstacles relating to the cycle lanes . There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to where these go and it is unclear to motorists and cyclists alike. Then to add insult to injury I was crossing a clear road just past Sainsburys when I fell flat on my face having tripped over one of these obstacles. I hurt my knee, finger and foot. I went into Atkinsons chemist where they kindly mopped up the blood and put a dressing on. They urged me to write in as I was by no means the first person they had helped in this way. The next day I had a huge black eye where I had also hit my head.

The irony is that there is rarely a cyclist to be seen and sometimes they ride outside the lanes. I have been told that cyclists actually avoid these lanes as they think them to be dangerous.

Thousands of people opposed this scheme and were ignored and thus millions of tax payers' money has been wasted when other services are being cut. I think the people who proposed this ludicrous scheme should be held responsible"

Rachael K (15/8/17) writes

"I was hit by a car when cycling into Enfield in the new cycle lanes on Friday 11th August.

I was cycling along Park Avenue into Enfield Town, just as you follow the road to the right before the petrol garage on your left and Sainsbury's local on your right. I was crossing over Bush Hill in the cycle lane and a motorist did not see me and drove straight into me- I ended up flying on to her windscreen and into the road. I grazed my ankle and injured my back (luckily not seriously) and think I hit my head but was wearing a helmet so there was no damage. Unfortunately I didn't get the drivers details as was too shaken. I went to hospital on Monday 14th August as my back was seizing up and they said this will continue to happen for a while but there is no spinal damage.

I do not blame the motorist- the location of the cycle lane across the junction is absurd and I am not surprised that she did not see me. The cyclists have right of way but I will not continue across any of these roads in the future without stopping. In fact, due to the damage to my bike and to myself I am not sure if/when I will be back on my bike".


Arkin Jonsey Redif writes:

"Monday night (15.5.17)  around 11pm I stopped and helped an old lady who was forced out of the way by on coming traffic and drove up one of the new layout bus stops on Green Lanes. She was very shook up and her air bags deployed after hitting a lamp post, I waited with her and some witnesses until the police arrived. The new bus stop layout protruded into the road without any warning signs in place to avoid the high kerb. Yes this is a construction issue, one of many however, the cycle lanes have made the roads so narrow there is now no margin for error which is a major concern. I am also now witnessing emergency services unable to pass cars as no one can move out the way for lack of room as well as cars being stuck behind rubbish trucks collecting along Green Lanes and busses stopping to collect passengers, this no doubt is increasing pollution due to an increase in congestion during and after the cycle lanes finally complete. Cycle lanes are great in the right places but unfortunately this is only the beginning of the chaos we are experiencing. I also heard from someone today a cycling teacher refuses to use the lanes as she claims they are to narrow, go figure"



On Thursday 2nd March there was accident on Masons Corner. The bus going down Green Lanes hit the black car turning up Green Dragon Lane. The blue car following the bus had to break sharply and ended up over the cycle lane kerb. Fortunately on this occasion no one was hurt.






Residents have mentioned other accidents in relation to the new cycle lanes, whcih may or may not have been reported to the police and Enfield Council. The police are being asked to provide details. So far nobody has been seriously hurt, but many residents, including cyclists beliee that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.


Please be even more cautious when driving and walking around the areas where the cycle lane is being constructed and on the completed sections.  Here are some of the places where accidents have already happened or there are concerns about safety risks. 

When heading south approaching Masons Corner, many drivers have hit the concrete cycle lane border, because they are focusing on traffic turning up Green Dragon Lane. 





Beware also of the concrete divider when turning left out of Green Dragon Lane 


A number of drivers are reported to have hit this concrete divider, presumably this  is why there is a cone in it. At night both of these concrete cycle lane dividers on Masons Corner are invisible as they are not lit.




Danger to cyclists as well as motorists?


The black marks on the edge of the border suggest that cyclists are also hitting these concrete borders






On the north side of the Masons Corner junction, the hump is very pronounced  it has been called 'the Masons Corner Mountain'. If you stand on Masons Corner it won't be long before you hear a loud metallic noise as a lorry, bus or another large vehicle goes over the big bump. There have been reports that buses are being damaged and at least one has had to be towed away.

To quote a Masons Corner business owner:

"the bumps in the road are too high, sometimes it sounds like a major accident and it won't be long before one of the skips overturns, or even a bus or large lorry, we are here all day and this noise happens every five minutes or so.

Also a resident who lives above the shops on Masons complains that it is like a mini earthquake every time a heavy lorry passes through.

 Please remove them AND what has happened to the zebra crossing outside Peter Barry estate agents, which was muted three months ago and what a dangerous place with the bumps!!!


Watch out also for the botched attempt to address the problem with the hump on the left side of Green Dragon Lane.





Paul Burke cycle journalist for the Evening Standard:


"At best, speed humps make cycling very uncomfortable. At worst, they make it dangerous".


"Councils such as Islington would lay them like land mines along practically every road in the borough. Ken Clarke, the minister who first introduced speed humps did not reckon on the vicious zeal with which councils would use these "damn things" to wage war on the motorist. And neither did he foresee how dangerous that war would become, not for motorists but for cyclists.


If you cycle in London, you'll know exactly what I mean. Hemmed in on one side by a row of parked cars, and on the other by traffic moving just fast enough to kill you but not fast enough to overtake you. Then someone in one of those parked cars opens a door and knocks you clean off your bike!.


If Sadiq Khan wants to support cyclists he should get rid of speed humps






This photo also shows clearly how drivers pulling out of junctions have poor visibility because of the cycle lane.










 The cycle lane design drawings show a buffer between the cycle lanes and car parking. 



However, there is no strip on the sections on Ridge Avenue.

The road is too narrow. 







People have been tripping over the orcas, the plastic strips which are used to segregate the cycle lanes.



London London Ambulance Service has stated 

"light segregation can and does create trip hazards on public roads – and increases casualties to a point where various schemes have been taken out in London and other areas of the UK."

A number of councils, including City of London and Camden were starting to take them out, even berfore work started on the A105.


Councils remove 'hazardous' low level cycle lane dividers





This is one of the new bus boaders, where passengers have to cross the cycle lane to get on and off the bus. Buses now have to stop in the middle of the road, as there is no longer any room to overtake.

There will be 27 of these bus stops between Enfield Town and Broomfield Avenue in Palmers Green, including the heavily used bus stop opposite Sainsburys and in our shopping parades, 




Note that the bus stop is located in the middle of someone's drive, another potential hazard. 


Notice also how far they protrude into the road.


One women has written her car off after hitting a bus boarder. To quote:


"I unfortunately had a car accident along Park Avenue on 28th February at about 8.15pm and caught the near side of my car on a protruding bus stop, which resulted in two flat tyres and one wheel totally caving in. My car was eleven years old so ended up as a write off. There were no hazard warnings before the bus stop and they were also resurfacing the other side of the road. I've had to buy another car and my old car was going like a dream before this happened. So basically I'm out of pocket!


I'm really angry about this because I feel that these bus stops are a real hazard, the pavement isn't even graduated it just suddenly juts out. I've emailed the council and I've spoken to their insurers in fact they can battle it out with my insurers. Further along Village Road there are little bumps to divide the cycle lane and there is also a little bit of pavement on Masons corner which divides the cycle lane and the main road just on the bend. This is so dangerous for cyclists and cars alike. I've been a cyclist in the past and it will only take a slight swerve over one of these bumps or the raised pavement and there could be a terrible accident".


The cyclist rides up to the level of the pavement.




Look at the debris that has already collected on the new cycle lane.

Is Enfield Council going to keep these lanes clear?

This elderly lady was strolling about on the cycle lane in front of the bus stop apparently totally oblivious that she was standing in the middle of a cycle lane.





Here is an email written by a resident about the damage caused to cars of visitors to her home, by the steep kerb.


To get out of her drive she has to cross the bus stop and cycle lane and to avoid the kerb which has caused damage to vehicles she has to pull out into the middle of the road, over the white line.


I am writing to you once again regarding the drive & cycle lane outside the above address.

May I first remind you that a 'bus stop' is right outside my property with another 'bus stop' right opposite (which has never been a problem in the past) but with the cycle lane now in place & the fact that the 'bus stop area' has been built out considerably into the road, this has meant the width of the road has been halved on both sides of the road cutting the width of the whole road by HALF.

Over the past week, several people who have had to drive into my drive, have been appalled at how difficult & dangerous it is to enter - & in particular - exit my drive. They said it is dangerous because they had to cross the middle white line when turning left out of the drive subsequently making the oncoming traffic stop to let them out. This was precisely my original complaint! This is a dangerous maneuver & waiting for an accident to happen any day! When Rilwan Oshingbade came to look into my original complaint, he had no car so was unable to understand this for himself. Anyone leaving my drive has to pull right over to the right to line the car up to turn left - 'I' know this BUT VISITORS who have never driven in or out of my drive before DON'T & find it very difficult & dangerous. Would you please send someone IN A CAR to try this maneuver themselves because it's not just me complaining, it's all my visitors!




Also the kerb is so deep now, you daren't go over it as it will damage the car tyres. One particular visitor, on leaving my drive, caught his tyre on the kerb & damaged the under side of his car!

Also the workmen have done more work on the cycle lane outside my house since I last wrote to you & they have left the surface where the drive meets the road so uneven, the car 'jolts' heavily from side to side as you go in & out of the drive. I have had a number of years with back problems & I certainly feel the 'jolt' in my back as I go in & out now - also this will eventually ruin my tyres! This simply MUST be put right.


I was willing to wait to see if the cycle lane was beneficial for cyclists but had not considered it would be such a hazard to car drivers! I'm not complaining for the sake of just complaining but this is now a serious matter & the whole 'cycle lane' idea MUST be looked into with some urgency. I would appreciate a reply to this email as soon as possible please.


No action has been taken by Enfield Council as yet to recify this problem. The stock answer is that the council will monitor the situation.



Is this an accident waiting to happen?









A safety report will be compiled. It is important that accidents are reported. If you witness any incidents, please email details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ideally with photographs to demonstrate what has happened. These will be passed on to councillors and council officers.




A independent safety audit was conducted, A  Road Safety Audit Overview considers the road safety implications of a scheme on all roads users, particularly vulnerable users. The RSA team are independent from the designers and identify potential risks and mitigation measures for consideration by the designer and client.


If you read the report you will see that it raised many safety concerns. You can see that the designers and Enfield Council have chosen to disregard the majority of its findings because they are trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot. The findings of Enfield Council's own expert advisors have been largely ignored. The stock answer is that the situation will be monitored.


RSA is not a single procedure but a series of stages carried out pre and post implementation.


Stage 1: Completion of Preliminary Design / Conceptual Design

Carried out as soon as practicable following completion of the preliminary design, when the scheme is sufficiently progressed so that all

significant features are clearly shown.


Stage 2: Completion of Detailed Design

Carried out as soon as practicable after the detailed design is sufficiently progressed so that it could be constructed.


Stage 3: Completion of Construction

Carried out as soon as practicable after the works are complete.


Stage 4: Monitoring

Carried out when monitoring identifies an emerging collision problem.




A105 Safety Audit



This page is work in progress. Many pedestrian crossing refuges are being removed, encouraging people to take more risks when crossing the road.

Please report any examples where you thing there is an accident waiting to happen. 




There have been dozens of reports of adverse incidents and accidents as a result of the installation of the cycle lanes. Do you have anything to report?

Comments (13)

  • Maria Williams

    Maria Williams

    18 March 2017 at 16:26 |
    I have been driving in the area since 1980 but in the last few months I have had two near misses along Ridge avenue. The first incident was during a month ago , on a Thursday night around 10:30 pm when coming from Green Dragon lane and turning left into Ridge avenue I drove over the corner of the raised concrete divider which separates the cycle lane and the car lane. Since that time a plastic cone was placed at the corner of the protruding divider. I am an experienced driver and I feel this should not have happened to me. Since then I am more aware of how dangerous these raised dividers are especially at nighttime and in poor visibility. I wonder what will happen when we have the first snowfall and when these dividers are covered up by snow. My second incident was again in Ridge avenue when I had a near head on collision with a car from the opposite direction. Funny enough I was again traveling along the same direction towards the bush hill parade when another driver coming from the opposite direction decided to overtake the bus which had stopped at the bus stop between Solna road and Percy Road and to come into my oncoming lane. I had to swerve to avoid a collision.


  • Linda Raftery

    Linda Raftery

    18 March 2017 at 19:36 |
    I hit the concrete barrier and had to buy 2 new tyres


  • Jen Williams

    Jen Williams

    19 March 2017 at 18:22 |
    we've noticed how anyone getting out of car/taxi nearside in the new parking has a very good chance of tripping over an armadillo.


  • John King

    John King

    20 March 2017 at 11:02 |
    as a first time drive using that route a twofold experience, one nearly clipping concrete divider, and a close encounter ( Wing Mirror/Wing Mirror with a "Boy Racer" who had overtaken a bus, will not use that route again!


  • Richard Johnsen

    Richard Johnsen

    20 March 2017 at 12:06 |
    Sunday 19th 14.00 hrs.

    Bus stopped at newly positioned bus stop for passengers on route to Enfield.
    Car overtook stationery bus into on coming traffic (ie my car).
    To avoid accident I had to pull into the new cycle lane.
    Whilst I know the other driver was at fault this would not have happened had the bus stop not been moved and positioned not to allow vehicles to pass as previously.

    Further more if there was a bus stopped at the stop in the opposite direction at the same time no vehicles can pass at all.


  • Claire K

    Claire K

    05 April 2017 at 09:25 |
    Recently witnessed my first conflict of interests between cyclist and pedestrian on a floating bus platform on Green Lanes. Coming on 329 back from Enfield (28.3.17 about 1.30pm) Guess who ploughed on straight through? - yup MAMIL on bike. Guess who had to move hurriedly out of way? - yup, mother with small child about to board bus.

    Why are we surprised that our predictions are coming true...


  • Sheila B

    Sheila B

    24 April 2017 at 09:43 |
    we can't believe there will be safe way to cross the main road between the stupidly placed new zebra crossing near the bottom of Green Dragon Lane (an accident waiting to happen) and the proposed one outside the Post Office. There are so many people trying to cross the road within that stretch, including lots of children.


  • Peter Smith

    Peter Smith

    26 April 2017 at 13:18 |
    As we know other boroughs have removed the cycle lane orcas due to members of the public tripping over them. I received a message this morning from a elderly friend of mine he has done just that on the A105 at Winchmore Hill it incurred in him being taken to Hospital


  • Richard Johnsen

    Richard Johnsen

    01 May 2017 at 13:39 |
    New Zebra crossing on London Road
    I was driving towards crossing which has the yellow tops covered up assuming it was not in force. Pedestrian stepped onto crossing assuming I was going to stop. Fortunately I managed to stop but was overtaken by a cyclist (not on cycle lane) just missing the pedestrian.
    Pedestrian shouted at cyclist who gave two fingers. I assume he did not give a damn.
    You must clarify when crossing is in action.

    As a Blue Badge holder I am now unable to shop on Winchmore Hill Broadway. With the road works and all parking spaces taken up I am unable to reach my butcher, paper shop, baker and chemist. The only disabled spaces are too far away for myself and my 93 year old neighbour to walk and return with shopping.

    Because of the above I had to go to Sainsburys (against my will). 10 minutes to shop and 25 minutes to get back onto Green Lanes due to the traffic lights.

    I have since managed to speak to my regular shops on the Broadway who tell me that they are losing so many customers both regular and passing trade. Are they going to be compensated ?

    Driving to Enfield along Green Lanes I actually saw a cyclist using the cycle lane. Unfortunately when he reached the raised part pass the bus stop he pulled into Green lanes each time. When he reached the bus stop just past Bush Hill junction there was a bus loading passengers so he pulled into the main road in front of me and passed the bus on the outside !


  • Raewyn Lye

    Raewyn Lye

    01 May 2017 at 14:04 |
    Today when travelling north up the A105 and taking a left into Station Road ( where therewas once a roundabout) I was taken aback to find in the short "slip road " joining Station Road itself , drivers will come across the cycle way which runs ACROSS this road( as a pedestrian crossing would be) Another makeshift piece of work. Right of way ?? So unsafe.


  • Neil Littman

    Neil Littman

    01 May 2017 at 15:21 |
    The road does now look like an obstacle course and the people I feel sorry for, are the residents who will have to deal with deliveries and visitors etc. as well as driving across a cycle lane every time they enter or leave their driveways with a variety of metal posts sticking up from the road. I think sooner or later somebody will collide with one.


  • Sarah B

    Sarah B

    02 May 2017 at 17:35 |
    have you seen the abomination that lies at the bottom of Bush Hill?
    Huge jutting out pavement making it impossible for cars coming down to queue for left and right and quite tight to turn left into from London Road but the cherry on the cake is a zebra crossing on that bend! So (potentially) cars booting it out of Enfield Town swing round the corner and slam on their brakes as my 84 yr old Mum is crossing with her walking stick. If they don't hit her then the car behind is likely to hit them.


  • Paul Mandal

    Paul Mandal

    10 May 2017 at 07:57 |
    I was riding northbound along the A105 earlier today, Tuesday, using the new cycle lanes where they are now available.

    As I approached the junction, I had to stop to avoid a collision with a car turning left whose driver hadn't seen me.

    An inexperienced cyclist may not have stopped and could have been hit.

    The reason why the layout is dangerous is because cyclists approaching and crossing the junction be will in the periphery of drivers' vision.

    This applies to much of the route's design, but is particularly acute at this junction because drivers' eyes, even if they are intending to turn left, will be drawn to the right.

    The reason being, drivers' eyes will be drawn to the right towards the oncoming traffic, because those drivers instinctively will react to what they perceive as the primary threat, greater now than on the past, because the carriageway has been considerably narrowed, leaving little margin for error.


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