Ask N21 Residents - Making the Green the heart of the community again

on Friday, 13 June 2014. Posted in N21 Community


Less than a century ago, Winchmore Hill Green was the heart of the community. It could be argued that the new heart of the community is the foyer of Sainsburys, as this is where you are most likely to meet people you know.


In the past few years we have had a number of well organised and highly success local events on the Green;  the N21 Festival, the Christmas Fair and carol concerts which are planned again for this year and a number of small arts, crafts and music events. All have brought the Green to life, bringing in more people to support the local businesses, vibrancy and colour to this lovely little space.


Organising an event on the Green is a bureaucratic and expensive and very tightly controlled. Whilst it is important that the use of the Green is strictly maintained as an attractive open space, a local business would like to know what you would feel about having a few tables and chairs on the Green, during Summer weekends, when the weather is fine?


For this to happen there would have to be a change in licensing arrangements and a full consultation with local residents and business owners in proximity to the Green.


Is this a good idea?  Please share your views, both pro and against so it would help business owners on the Green to gain a better understanding of whether there is potential interest in the idea of making the Green a community meeting place on a more regular basis.


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Less than a century ago, Winchmore Hill Green was the heart of the community. It could be argued that the new heart of the community is the foyer of Sainsburys.

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  • karl


    13 June 2014 at 15:43 |
    In principle yes but why not consider being more radical. Sitting outside the Greek on the Green last sunny weekend the view was of a parked car immediately in front and others to both sides. Beyond that the view was of a second line of parked cars. At a reasonably frequency others cars passed between the gap. There seemed to be a lovely green space just 5m or so away.
    The Green itself is split as effectively as the West Bank into little parcels by the many roadways, so missing the obvious attraction of a whole. Lots of parking makes it worse – and it was very clear over this weekend period that there was no turnover of parked cars generating a stream trade. Parked they all were and seemed to be for the duration.
    So one option would be to remove the road entirely outside the Larder / Greek on the Green and extend The Green itself. How much more attractive that would be. Compensate for lost parking by widening the near parallel east / west road to the other side of The Green at the launderette side.
    And if looking to really put a people’s heart into the centre, take out the Hoppers Road / Church Hill stretch to complete a full Green. That would mean bending Hoppers Road into the small stretch of Boardwalk before turning into the current small cut through road to the western extreme of the Green then joining the roundabout at the Kings Head.
    Fantastic Green, pedestrian access across the multitude of roads improved, little if any impact on parking and cars forced to go just a little bit more carefully.
    I’m sure someone will have a downside.


  • Andy & Kate

    Andy & Kate

    16 June 2014 at 09:05 |
    In principle I also agree, it sounds like a sound idea, what about some children's events over the school holidays?


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