Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission

on Thursday, 29 November 2018. Posted in N21 Community


Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission


Do you sometimes think that more new buildings should be of better design?


If you do, you will be interested in a recently announced Government initiative, the 'Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission'.


The purpose of the Commission is to tackle the challenge of poor-quality design and construction of homes and places across the country, by promoting better design, making the planning system work to support good design, not against it as now. The intention is also to help ensure that new building has popular consent. You can read the draft document using this link


Southgate District Civic Trust, the local community group that campaigns to protect and enhance the environment in our local area, is making a call for donations to support Civic Voice, the national body for civic amenity groups, who want to ensure that community groups as well as developers have a voice. Civic Voice needs £5,000 to conduct research and convene meetings before making a submission to the Commission.


Individuals can make donations to Civic Voice's work by calling 0121 792 8177 or contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Commission will report to the Government by July 2019.


Southgate District Civic Trust actively campaigns to protect and improve the built and local heritage. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We welcome new members who can join online at the membership page of our website at Join now and get 16 months for the price of 12!


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