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Have you ever heard of Chris Kandu?


No, well fingers crossed you will know the name well by the time of the next Olympics in 2016. Chris, aged 18, a pupil at Enfield Grammar, is a high jumper, who has competed for England and Great Britain and is ranked no 2 in the Under 20 class in the world. Last weekend he jumped a new personal best of 2.24m at the England Athletics U20 / U23 Championships winning the competition, just narrowly missing the 2.28m world record.


Chris is an Enfield lad, who lives in Ponders End, along with his sister and  their mum, a single parent. He describes himself in self-deprecating terms as "not the brightest of pupils, inclined to misbehave, not focused on my studies"..Whilst sport is his number one priority Chris is studying Business Studies and IT for A Level. However, as most year 13 pupils are counting the days until the end of term, Chris will be embarking on an intensive summer of training and competing. Unfortunately he has had to turn down a place to compete in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, as it clashes with World Junior Championships in Portland Oregon, where he a strong prospect of a medal. These junior championship provide Chris with important opportunity to compete at world level, with less than two years to the 2016 Olympic Games.




The education watchdog, Ofsted has reported that sportsmen and women who attended private schools continue to dominate sport at the elite level, particularly in athletics. Despite fewer than one in 10 pupils attending fee-paying schools, more than four in 10 of the British athletes who won medals at London 2012 were schooled privately. Perhaps this is hardly surprising, with access top quality facilities and training opportunities and parents who can afford to take them  to compete across the country and more abl to help them to gain scholarships and sponsorships.


Life hasn't been quite so easy for Chris. Whilst he  has been fortunate in receiving excellent support from the School and has received some funding from Sports Aid, he narrowly missed out on receiving a grant from British Athletics. As a result there have been events and training opportunities with top athletes that he has had to miss simply because the family couldn't afford the expenses.


A number of local companies and charities have provided Chris with sponsorship this year, to help him with his travel and training cost;, including the Enfield Charitable Trust, Barnfields estate agents, Enfield and Edmonton Rotary Clubs, Fairview Homes and the Jean Pickering Olympic scholarship. This scholarship has been awarded to five British Olympic athletes who are believed to have medal potential, to help them to develop their potential. The Enfield Chiropractic Clinic on Ridge Avenue has also provided him with free treatment for a back injury, which was interfering with his training


As we follow Chris's performance over the summer, what can Enfield do to support this talented young man who is having to jump through too many hoops to further his career, at a time when he should be concentrating solely on the high jump?


A relatively small amount of funding could catapult his career to the next level. No apologies for the sporting puns, Chris Kandu can do, with a little help from Enfield.


Donations to help him further his career are being managed by Lauren Solomon at Enfield Grammer. If you, your company or community group is able to make a small donation to help Chris to achieve his sporting visions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can read more about Chris Kandu's competition career here

Have you ever heard of Chris Kandu? No, well fingers crossed you will know the name well by the time of the next Olympics in 2016.

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