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SAVE THE GREEN DRAGON 4 years 3 months ago #354

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The 'Save The Green Dragon' team, led by Mike & Sharon McClean are working tirelessly to try to ensure that this important local landmark remains a pub, which is well run and truly an asset to the local area. There are breweries who could have been interested in taking over the site but they were never approached, therefore the site was sold to a property developer, with no connection with the local area.

Would you like to see the Green Dragon restored again?

Would you prefer to have supermarket operating form this site?

It is important that local residents make their wishes known
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SAVE THE GREEN DRAGON 4 years 3 months ago #356

  • webb
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As a local resident of many years and a licencee and restaurateur I am surprised and amazed at the number of people totally wasting their time and energies in support of The Green Dragon.

If this landmark building public house was so loved and so important why did the local residents stay away from it and not support it when it was running and allowed it to run down and go bust ?
Why is is that no Brewery has shown an interest, in the UK nearly 50 pubs close every week and this one was actually was left out of a group buy out as part of a whole chain of hundreds of outlets as not worthy of acquisition, one of 40 other outlets also not taken over in a group deal , and why is this ?
Well my friends the unit is not thought not be viable, the rentals, rates, and overheads make this a nightmare to run, it simply does'nt work anymore, it would take at least £500k to £ 1million to refurb and who in their right mind would gamble this on a dead duck.
Clearly our well meaning but niave action group , or would they with their cash ?
I think not , lets get the Council to buy it and loose even more of our public funds on a waste of time.

If you are so enthusistic and so sure this is a winner its simple, stop waving your placards around and campaigning and driving the Council mad, take a lease out, raise the cash to refurb , put your houses and your lives on the line and become a publican proper.
Its what us business people have done all our lives, join the real world put your money where your mouth is.

Good luck if you take the initiative , personally I would love to see a nice new store like Waitrose take the space offering safe employment to the area , a good food offering and an alternative to tired old Sainsburys for us locals.

While we are talking good luck to the new Winchmore Pub they will need both all the luck and all of your support if they are to succeed in this most hostile of business environments, support them they have put their cash up and are having a go, all power to them
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SAVE THE GREEN DRAGON 4 years 3 months ago #357

Great work by Mike & Sharon McClean on their campaign and getting Enfield council to allow them to resubmit their application. I wish I could have made the protest on Wednesday.

As a resident, I am most keen to save the building as opposed to it staying as a pub. With The Winchmore soon to be opening nearby, I am not sure the area could sustain two such large pub/restaurants for them both to be successful. Therefore I would prefer it become a Little Waitrose provided it is within the fabric of the existing building. I am sure the new owners of the Winchmore would agree with me.

There are enough local businesses in the area that have closed down due to lack of trade without The Winchmore suffering the same fate.

I an ideal world they could both be run as successful pubs/businesses but I just don't think this is realistic.
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SAVE THE GREEN DRAGON 4 years 3 months ago #358

Thanks for your comments Matt, I am just not sure how it can possibly be the historical landmark it is with a Waitrose shop front instead of the existing frontage. Surely its the current entrance and windows that are the significant features in the existing frontage, and bearing in mind the whole rest of the site (including the car parking area and garden) will be crammed with a huge number of flats to ensure they make back their investment in the freehold... realistically there is no way the character of the site can be retained with this plan. When the freehold last sold in 2011 it was £28,500,000 (incl VAT). They need to build a LOT of flats to capitalise on this site. Please also can I ask people to bear in mind that NO planning application or plans have been sighted by Enfield Council whatsoever, no planning permissions for illuminated signs etc etc, this "deal" the developer suggests from Waitrose is far from done and is at this point, just conjecture which was timed to divert attention away from the demonstration we were staging. As far as I can tell, this has worked and the PR company now has the local media doing its PR job for them by circulating their PR spin, and missing the detail in the plan which is where its not going to be so pretty for the community.

The PR company are treating the public like fools, but I guess that's just what they do to achieve their commercial goals for their client's shareholders. The question is, are the public going to be tricked by this? There is only one other traditional, purpose built English pub along the section of Green Lanes between Wood Green and Enfield town, the Fox in Palmers Green. To lose the Dragon would be devastating to the village feel of our current local landscape.
Is this a part of our culture and society that we should be ready to give up so easily for the promise of a slightly better quality of ready meal than can be bought at the Sainsburys 1 minute away, the Tescos 30 seconds away, the little Sainsburys 1 minute away, or the Enfield Town or Windmill Hill Waitroses which are just 3 minutes away, the plethora of supermarkets that are on the A10 just 5 minutes away... What has our society come to that we should value convenience food more than community??

And as for those who say the pub was not popular or viable, please can readers consider that the parent company went into administration and had not invested in the Dragon for years - it was that which led to a decline in patronage, not the fact that its time had gone. Lets not be naive, the reason it wasn't included in those pubs retained in the Orchid portfolio was because there was movement in the freehold underneath with a (unadvertised) sale to these property developers! And for anyone who is interested, YES - we have spoken to 3 big pub companies who have stated they would expect to invest the 800,000 to £1,000,000 that would be needed to refurb and restore the Dragon to its former glory and return it to a beautiful traditional English pub, and a jewel in the heart of our community. If its not a viable site, then so be it, but how short sighted are we to let it go after 300 years without PROPER viability studies and marketing?? (and given the HUGE geographical area it serves- please look to the other side of Green Lanes if you will - there are a very large number of residential properties this pub has served for centuries who are NOT within a short stroll of the Green!).

Its not just about the loss of a landmark, but the loss of a communal area which has in the past and could again provide social cohesion and bring the community together. The Orchid pub group who have had the pub since 2008 have done nothing since opening in the last 8 years to bring the public in or to maintain the premises to a proper standard - surely the Dragon deserves this chance if there are investors out there who are willing to take the chance with their cash? Why should we be deprived of this chance to see if the Dragon can thrive again. If it doesn't work out, then fair play and let the developers do what they want with the site. But this deal has been sneaky and secretive and its OUR neighbourhood that is at stake, and it is not right if the community are not considered a stake holder in the process, and the profit of private developers who have no local connection is the only consideration in the loss of this historic, cultural and social amenity in the heart of our community. It makes me really sad. I don't want my children to grow up in a world where individual profit is more important than people, but that's the way its all going if we let it. Only if we let it.
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