David Burrowes holds Enfield Southgate

on Friday, 07 May 2010. Posted in Latest News

David Burrowes has held on to the Enfield Southgate seat, with a majority of 7,626, representing
49.4% of the vote

69.2% of the electorate voted. Direct comparisons with 2005 are not possible, due to boundary changes.
In this election, the Enfield Southgate seat lost part-wards of Bush Hill Park and Upper Edmonton to the
Edmonton constituency and a part-ward of Highlands to Enfield North. It gained one part-ward each of
Bowes and Palmers Green wards from Edmonton and part-wards of Grange from Edmonton and Enfield North.


The full list of candidates is shown below:


David Burrowes has announced that his priorities will be "local business, families and vulnerable people."

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