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Grange Park Residents Association
Grange Park Residents Association aims to represent people living in Grange Park, including planning issues, policing, transport, environmental matters relating to the local area.  The Association's elected committee liaise with the local authority, the Federation of Enfield Residents & Allied Associations and other relevant bodies.
Annual membershp is £2 per year. You can join via the website.
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Winchmore Hill Residents' Association

The Winchmore Hill Residents' Association (WHRA) has been in existence for about sixty years and covers an area bordered by Bourne Hill/Firs Lane/Green Dragon Lane/Winchmore Hill Road and has about 450 members.
The Management Committee meets every month to discuss issues of local concern or interest e.g. planning applications, matters affecting the environment and transport, local borough policy changes, and any other matters that are of concern to our residents.  They invite our local councillors for part of these meetings so that we can keep in touch with them, raise any problems and have clarification of any council proposals. The AGM is held in April each year, to which members and non ­members are invited.
The Association welcomes new members.  If you would like to become a member, subscription is either £6 for one year, or £10 for two years. An application form is available on our website. Please return it with a cheque made payable to the WHRA to send it with your name and address to Mrs Tricia Miller, Winchmore Hill Residents' Association, PO Box 34037, London N21 2ZB.
Address: PO Box 34037
N21 2ZB
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Fox Lane & District Residents Association

The Fox Lane & District Residents' Association was formed in 1978 and represents the interests of residents living in the area bounded by Bourne Hill N13, The Bourne, High Street N14, Cannon Hill N14, Aldermans Hill N13 and Green Lanes. An area covering parts of Palmers Green, Southgate, Southgate Green and Winchmore Hill Wards

It is a very active Association with the aims of safeguarding the environment and retaining the general ambience of the area, fighting against over-development, trying to do all we can to make the area a safer and pleasant place in which to live, and to encourage a spirit of neighbourliness. There are meetings every two months at which topics of local interest and concern are discussed, often with appropriate representatives from the Council or the Police, and where members have the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns they have. We also invite speakers from the local community where possible. Each December we hold a popular and well-attended Christmas party.
Currently the Association has over 530 member households but are very keen to increase membership in order to be able to continue to present a strong representative body to the Council, particularly in situations where we find it difficult to get Councillor’s support.
Membership is only £5 per year for each household.
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The Western Enfield Residents' Association
The Western Enfield Residents' Association is a residents' association for people living in Western Enfield, including the Highlands ward. It is a long established association, founded shortly after the Second World War, to further the interests of people living in the local area, liasing with our local councillors and council officials, as well as our local schools, residents and businesses.
W.E.R.A is chaired by Christine Bunce and meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at Merryhills School (8pm). The meeting is open to people who wish to join living in Highlands Ward.
The Association produces 4 newsletters per year keeping members up to date with our activities and giving information which may be of common interest. Membership of the Association costs £1 per household per annum. Please contact the Membership Secretary for more details.
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