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We have got the message that others may have a use for stuff that we no longer have a use for and that our surplus stuff can actually have a monetary value; hence the phenomenal success of Ebay.

At a local level, it is gratifying to see that more than half of the rubbish taken to our local dump at Barrowell Green is recycled. According to the council, the proportion of rubbish taken to the dump which is recycled rather than disposed of in the rubbish skips has risen from a third to over a half in the last two years.



Local resident John Oliver is undertaking research into AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems), otherwise known as “Deaf Aid Loops”. All too frequently, these systems do not work properly and he is undertaking reseach with the ISCE (Institute of Sound & Communication Engineers) and Action on Hearing Loss.

He needs unwanted hearing aids "to get some of the sensor parts from them to see what differences there are, the laptops will also provide parts to act as sensor amplifiers and measuring systems and also mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 players can be used with special sensors. These will be used in experiments to develop better assisted hearing services. Working units would be great but we can use broken ones as well. Old, new, whatever"

If you have any unwanted technology please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance.

Thank you, John





These can be recycled at Barrowell Green, but small items, such as kettles, toasters, small DIY tooths and anything with a plug which is less than 28cm x 23cm (11in x 9in) can now also be recycled via the Small Electricals Bank in the car park at Sainsbury's, Florey Square, Highlands Village.


Do you have any excess cuttings & seedlings; outgrown children’s clothes, school uniform and toys, rabbit hutches, running machines, surplus building materials, furniture or any other items cluttering up your home which could be passed on to others, either for free?

The Enfield branch of Freegle was only set up in September 2009 and already has 7,000 plus members! Its easy to use, give it a go!

You can also try Freecycle, another local group which matches people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them, thus keeping usable items out of landfills.

The Restore Community Project, based in Tottenham is a registered charity which recycles and reuses domestic furniture and appliances for the benefit of people in need. They have a collection service, for more details go to

There is now an Oxfam collection bin at Barrowell Green for books and music, will all proceeds going to Oxfam

For more information on recycling in Enfield go to

Enfield Council  is urging residents to recycle their old mobiles to help stop domestic violence, by sending old phones to the fonesforsafety® project, which recycles unwanted mobiles into 'emergency only' phones for victims of domestic violence. The mobiles are recycled into "999 emergency only" personal alarms for those who have experienced domestic violence. 

To recycle your old phone simply drop it off at the collection points in all Council libraries.                

Or by post, just put your phone in a strong envelope or box and address it (no postage needed) to:
Fonesforsafety - CRISP
SE17 1BR
Please print ENF on the bottom corner of the envelope. 

For more information go to takes old PCs and laptops, restores them and sends them to communities and schools in developing countries. At the time of writing, they had donated over 188,000 computers!

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